Research by John Andrew Gadd

ABMC – American Battlegrounds Monuments Commission
NGR – U.S. Veterans Administration National Gravesite Locator
VHP – Veterans History Project, Library of Congress
WWII Memorial – National WW II Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Note: To access information on ABMC and NGR, use the search engines onsite. Direct links from this page to individuals on those two sites do not work. (For more on the Gadds, go to Gadd/Martin Page 1.)

A. Neil Gadd – NGL
Albert C. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Albert C. Gadd – ABMC
Albert C. Gadd – Overseas Ceme., WWII Memorial
Albert D. Gadd – NGL
Andrew P. Gadd – NGL
Ansel M. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Atlee Bruce Gadd  – WWII Memorial
B. Carl Gadd – NGL
Barry I. Gadd – Wife, Robert F. Gadd. NGL
Benjamin A. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Benjamin A. Gadd – NGL
Betty Wilson Gadd – Wife, Billy Jack Gadd. NGL
Billy Eugene Gadd – NGL
Billy F. Gadd Sr. – NGL
Billy Jack Gadd – NGL
Bryan D. Gadd – NGL
Charles Dorsal Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Charles Wynn Gadd Sr. – NGL
Charlie W. Gadd Jr. – VHP
Clem F. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Clem F. Gadd – NGL
Clyde D. Gadd – NGL
Clyde W. Gadd – NGL
Craig Benton Gadd – NGL
Curtis A. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Curtis A. Gadd – VHP
Dale Howard Gadd – NGL
David A. Gadd –  NGL
David Lee Gadd –  NGL
David M. Gadd –  NGL
David M. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Donald G. Gadd –  NGL
Dorothy Lee Gadd –  NGL
Earl D. Gadd –  NGL
Ebba G. Gadd  –  Wife, Roy R. Gadd. NGL
Edna A. Gadd  –  Wife, John Joseph Gadd. NGL
Egbert J. Gadd – NGL
Elizabeth L. Gadd – Wife, Lawrence A. Terusner. NGL
Ella  Louise Gadd – NGL
Elmo D. Gadd – NGL
Elmer Gadd – Navy, 1924-27. VA Death File.
Ermil R. Gadd – NGL
Everett S. Gadd – NGL
Frank Gadd – NGL
Frank W. Gadd– NGL
Franklin R. Gadd– NGL
Fred Gadd – Marines, enlisted 1899. Muster Rolls.
Fred Gadd – Army, 1955-56. VA Death File.
Gail C. Gadd – Wife, Roy Clyne Gadd. NGL
Gene Gadd – NGL
Glenn Farrell Gadd – NGL
Hansford Gadd – NGL
Harvey I. Gadd – NGL
Harvey I. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Helen Gilbert Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Henry Bernard Gadd – NGL
Henry Howard Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Herman P. Gadd – NGL
Howard Raymond Gadd – NGL
James A. Gadd – NGL
James B. Gadd – NGL
James E. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
James E. Gadd Sr. – NGL
James Leroy Gadd – NGL
James M. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
James R. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
James R. Gadd  –  Overseas ceme., WWII Memorial
James R. Gadd – ABMC
James T. Gadd – NGL
Jesse Gadd – NGL
John A. Gadd – NGL
John B. Gadd – NGL

John H. Gadd – NGL
John Joseph Gadd – NGL
John Ralph Gadd – VHP
John Wesley Gadd – WWII Memorial
Joseph L. Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Joseph Lowery Gadd – WWII Memorial
L.H. Gadd – NGL
Leland Leon Gadd – NGL
Leon Hector Gadd – NGL
Leonard G. Gadd – NGL
Lloyd Earl Gadd  – WWII Memorial
Lonzo Gadd – NGL
Marjorie J. Gadd – Wife, Robert G. Gadd. NGL
Matthew M. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Matthew M. Gadd Sr. – NGL
Mildred Gadd – NGL
Noah L. Gadd, Jr. – WWII Memorial
Olga Gadd – Wife, Leonard G. Gadd. NGL
Oliver A. Gadd – NGL
Oscar F. Gadd – NGL
Paul E. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Pearlie Herman Gadd– NGL
Philip R. Gadd – NGL
Phillip Ewart Gadd – NGL
Powell W. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Ralph A. Gadd – NGL
Ralph E. Gadd – (Navy) NGL
Ralph E. Gadd – (Army) NGL
Raymond A. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Raymond Gadd – WWII Memorial
Richard Gadd – WWII Memorial
Richard H. Gadd – NGL
Richard Henry Gadd – WWII Memorial
Richard I. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Richard Thomas Gadd – NGL
Robert Dale Gadd – NGL
Robert F. Gadd Jr. – NGL
Robert G. Gadd – NGL
Robert G. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Robert Galbreath Gadd – WWII Memorial
Robert Henry Gadd – WWII Memorial
Robert Norman Gadd – NGL
Robert Ray Gadd – WWII Memorial
Robert W. Gadd – NGL
Roy Clyne Gadd – NGL
Roy Edward Gadd – NGL
Roy R. Gadd – NGL
Russell B. Gadd – NGL
Russell E. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Sanford Gadd – NGL
Steven L. Gadd – Son, Edwin Olen. NGL
Terry William Gadd – NGL
Thomas A. Gadd – ABMC
Thomas A. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Thomas A. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Thomas W. Gadd – NGL
Ursula Gadd – NGL
Walden R. Gadd – NGL
Walden R. Gadd – WWII Memorial
Watson F. Gadd – NGL
Wayne W. Gadd – NGL
William Bryan Gadd – NGL
William E. Gadd Jr. – NGL
William Eddie Gadd – NGL
William Eric Gadd – NGL
William G. Gadd Sr. – Obituary
William Joseph Gadd – NGL
William O. Gadd – NGL
William O. Gadd – WWII Memorial
William O. Gadd – WWII Memorial
William Robert Gadd Sr. – NGL
William T. Gadd – NGL