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  • Photo of Charles Leslie Barker of Morgantown, W.Va., and friends, 1930s. Charles BurnsworthCharles Barker and Bob Welch. Charles Barker (born 1925) was a son of William Wellington Barker and wife Margaret "Margie" Johnson. Charles married Annabel DeWitt. Charles' sister Jean Barker married James Edward Carroll of Ashland, Ky.
  • SNAPS -- Photos collected by Dorothy Carroll of Ashland, Ky. Family photos: Bostick, Cales, Canterberry, Canterbury, DeBord, Dooley, Felts, Hensley, Keeton, Leedy, Newland and Van Fleet.

Walter John "Stubby" Carroll was a son of George B. Carroll (19 Apr 1862, Carter County, Kentucky/03 Jul 1931, Ashland, Boyd County, Ky. Memorial Record ) and his wife Nancy Jane Canterbury (17 Dec 1867, Gallia County, Ohio/02 Feb 1957). He married Anna Dale Russell, daughter of Harry H. Russell and wife Carra Sullivan. In his youth he played baseball and later owned Carroll Office Equipment in Ashland. (Ashlander Called 'Big Leaguer' - Ashland Sports Hall of Fame  Oct. 11, 1956.  Carroll Acquires Full Control of Local Business, undated. Daily Independent, Ashland):

  • Kodak-Album -- Photos circa 1920s that were probably collected by Walter John "Stubby" Carroll.* I can identify Stubby and his wife Anna Dale Russell. But I don’t know who the other people are. Please e-mail me if you can ID anyone or have information about the locations. The Carroll family was from Carter and Boyd counties in Kentucky. Page 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  
Carra Sullivan Russell (1869-1949) of Ashland, Ky., was the wife of Harry H. Russell. She was a daughter of William Parker Sullivan (1841-1920) and wife Sarah Elizabeth Wright (1843-1884) of Bracken County, Ky., and granddaughter of Mary Ann Hitch (1818-1905) and William Wright (1813-1846). Mary Ann’s parents were Joseph Hitch (1765-1847)  and Sarah Muir (1782-1852). Carra passed along the following family histories and papers:  
  • Hitch letters and documents – Scanned copies of the originals and transcriptions. Where the handwriting was unclear, I either left a blank or gave it my best guess. So readers beware. Please also read the originals.


A photo and biographical information on Robert H. Hitch are in Issue 9 of Mike Hitch's Hitch Family Newsletter (1997)  Main newsletter link.  Hitch Genealogy link.

Letter 1 – Two-page letter to Robert H. Hitch (Uncle Bob), signed Yours “Will.”   The return address is a stamped company name: W.B. Vickers, Indianapolis. Mentions Jack Stewart. Someone has written 1867 on the envelope. 1a (envelope) 1b  1c  Letter 1 transcription  

I began scanning and posting the Hitch letters straight out of the little box that contained them. There are ten letters from William B. (Will) Vickers to Robert H. Hitch, posted in this order: Letters 1, 3 and 5 through 12. 

About the Vickers family: William B. Vickers was a writer, poet and newspaper editor born around 1838 in Indiana (1870 census information). History of the City of Denver, Arapahoe County, and Colorado (1880) by William B. VickersPhoto from his book He married Margaret "Maggie" Muirson. Mrs. Vickers was born around 1839 in North Carolina. (Her maiden name and nickname, Maggie, are from Mr. Vickers’ letters. Her full name, Margaret, and birthdate and birthplace are from federal censuses.) In his letters, Mr. Vickers writes about his children: Frank, Jerome, Minnie and Edith. Mr. Vickers died at 42 in 1880 in Colorado following a "leg amputation" (1880 federal census "mortality schedule"). According to the 1900 census, Margaret Vickers had five children. But only three were living in 1900. Find a Grave has pages for Edith and Jerome. Since Mr. Vickers only mentions four children in his letters, perhaps the fifth child died in infancy. According to city directories and other historic records, Jerome and Frank worked in banks for several years. Later Frank was a mine manager and owned a real estate business. Edith, a graduate of Denver Normal and Preparatory School in 1895, was a kindergarden teacher. In 1930, Edith, 57, was living with a niece, Margaret Vickers,12. Minnie H. Vickers and William W. Griswald married 14 Oct 1895 in Arapahoe County, Colo. The 1900 census lists the couple and two children, Frank Jerome Griswald and Edith M. Griswald, living in Trinidad, Las Animas, Colo.  

News articles mentioning William B. Vickers: Image 1: Colorado Springs Gazette, Daily and Weekly, 19 July 1878 (Daily) and 20 July 1878 (Weekly), change of Rocky Mountain News from republican to democrat; 30 Nov 1878, A Good Beginning, appointment of Mr. Vickers as private secretary to Governor Frederick W. Pitkin; 06 Dec 1878, brief about a visit by Mr. Vickers, Denver Tribune editor and president of the Colorado Press Association, to the Gazette office; and 05 April 1879, The Weekly Gazette, Mr. Vickers’ “Estes Park” is serialized by the Saturday Herald, Indianapolis. Image 2: The Weekly Gazette, Colorado Springs, 12 July 1879, excerpt from article about The State Press Association, The Second Day’s Proccedings, a speech by Mr. Vickers; and Image 3: Colorado Springs Gazette, 27 March 1880, a reprint from the Times, Funeral of W. B. Vickers.
Letter 2 – No envelope, four pages. To “Dear uncle and family.” Signed by Lizzie Bundy,1870 from Ames, Iowa. (The 1870 federal census for Emerson, Indian Creek township, Mills County, Ohio, has a family that is probably the family of Mrs. Bundy: Milton Bundy, 32, a hardware merchant, born in Iowa, Elizabeth Bundy, 20, keeps house, born in Kentucky, and baby Harry Bundy, 8 months old. 2a  2b  2c Letter 2 transcription  Letter 3 – Two-page letter to Robert Hitch, Catawba, Pendleton County, Kentucky, - Uncle Bob and family. Signed niece and cousin Lizzie Bundy. Return address: M.J. Bundy, a company in Ames, Iowa. 3a (envelope)  3b  3c  Letter 3 transcription    Letter 4 – Three-page letter to Elizabeth Tull, New Bethel, Indiana, from cousin Rachel. No date but the writer mentions an election with two Democrats and a Whig. The letter was on a single sheet of blue-grey paper folded to create an envelope. No stamp but a notation Paid 3 ct. 4a envelope  4b  4c  4d  Letter 4 transcription Letter 5 – Three-page letter to (address on bottom of the letter) Robert H. Hitch, Poplar Grove, Pendleton County, Ky., "Dear Cousin," from John Phoebus, Bloomsbury. The date looks like 1854 and someone has written that year on the envelope. Mr. Phoebus mentions the death of a neighbor, Mr. Samuel G. Holbrook, "once High Sheriff of our County."  5a envelope  5b  5c  5d  Letter 5 transcription   Letter 6 – A three-page letter written in 1868 from Indianapolis to Robert H. Hitch (Uncle Bob) in Kentucky by “Will,” William B. Vickers.  Mr. Vickers talks of a letter from Charlotte, the prospect of a family visit by Maggie to Aunt Abbie, old tired jokes sent in to his newspaper, the marriage of Seph, and politics. 6a (envelope)  6b  6c  Letter 6 transcription Letter 7 – Four-page letter to Robert H. Hitch, Kentucky, from W.B.V., (William B. Vickers) Indianapolis. (Letter 6, written in 1868, and 7 are in the same envelope. But I don’t know if they were mailed together or just wound up in the same envelope later.) In Letter 7, Mr. Vickers writes about two separate domestic difficulties: a misunderstanding concerning a female acquaintance and problems regarding the custody of a child. As near as I can make out, the father in the custody dispute is Ben Vickers but I can’t decipher the daughter’s name. I don’t know if the following is the same family, however, for your information: William B. Vickers, according to an tree, had a cousin Benjamin Vickers. The 1850 census, recorded Aug. 21,  has B.F. Vickers, 24, farmer born around 1826 in Kentucky,  and Amanda Vickers, 18, born in Iowa, living  in Kenton County, Ky. The couple had married within that year. The 1860 census has Benjamin FVickers, 34, born around 1826, Nancy Vickers, 25, and Erlon Vickers, 6, all born in Kentucky,  living in Kenton County with William Young, 21, born in Pennsylvania. The 1870 census has B F Vickers, 44, born about 1826 in Kentucky, living in Van Buren, Keokuk, Iowa, with Nancy Vickers, 36, C Vickers, 20 and Erlon Vickers, 17. This census doesn’t list relation to head of household. 7a (envelope)  7b  7c  7d  Letter 7 transcription Letter 8 – One-page letter to Robert H. Hitch from William B. Vickers, Oct. 30, 1871. Son Jerome Vickers furnishes a letter from Harry, a recent visitor. Mr. Vickers has sold his paper and is now traveling as a special correspondent. Letter 8  Letter 8 transcript "under construction" Letter 9 –  One-page letter to Robert H. Hitch from William B. Vickers, Greeley, Colorado, Oct. 21, 1872. Note: Letters 8-11 were "stored" in the same Oct. 21 envelope along with the Colorado Sun Weekly flyer. 9a (envelope) 9b  9c - Prospectus of The Colorado Weekly Sun, A Journal of News, Politics and Literature. Greeley, Col.  Letter 9 transcript Letter 10 – Two-page letter to Robert H. Hitch from William B. Vickers on letterhead: The Leading Newspaper of Northern Colorado, The Colorado Sun, Vickers & Painter, Publishers. Greeley, Feby. 16, 1873. 10a  10b  Letter 10 transcript "under construction"  Letter 11 – One-page letter to Robert H. Hitch from William B. Vickers on letterhead: Franklin Type Foundry, 168 Vine Street, Allison, Smith & Johnson. Cincinnati, March 16th, 1874. It appears that Mr. Vickers was traveling in the area. Letter 11  Letter 11 transcript "under construction"   Letter 12 – Ten-page letter to Robert H. Hitch from William B. Vickers, 842 Stout Street, Denver, Jany 7/77. Mr. Vickers writes about family, Colorado weather, and a contested presidential election (See Rutherford B. Hayes site.) (This was originally Letter 8, but I changed to to 12 after finding the other Vickers letters. I may repost later. But for now, here it is.)   12a (envelope)  12b  12c  12d  12e  12f  12g  12h  12i  12j  12k  Letter 12 transcript