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Andrew Powhatan Gadd and Delilah Ferguson
Updated Aug. 3, 2017

Gadd -- origin of surname. "English - occupational; from Middle English meaning 'goad, spike,' referring to a cattle driver."  (“The Wordsworth Dictionary of Surnames,” Terry Freedman & Iseabail Macleod, 1997, Wordsworth Editions, Hertfordshire, Page 89.) 

Gadd Genealogy by Joseph Hayden Gadd  (1939, Princeton, W.Va.) is online at HathiTrust Digital Library.

Andrew Powhatan Gadd was born 26 Sept 1828 a son of James Gadd (Franklin County, Va., 1808/29 June 1888) and his wife Rhoda Thornton.* Andrew died on 30 March 1909. Andrew and Delilah Ferguson married on 25 Feb 1851 and "from the date of his marriage until his death he lived on a farm near Flat Top, in Mercer County, West Virginia." (Gadd Genealogy by Joseph Hayden Gadd, Princeton, W.Va., 1939, Page 10.)  According to a 1999 e-mail from a Ferguson researcher, Delilah Ferguson was born around 23 Feb 1831 in Bedford Co., Va., a daughter of Jesse Ferguson and his wife Elizabeth Hatcher. However, the birthdate on Delilah's tombstone appears to be 31 March 1829. Delilah died in 1903. Grave markers of Andrew and Delilah. (Courtesy of Cousin Erica.) According to a 1999 article (see link below), Andrew and Delilah are buried in the Flat Top Cemetery on Toad Level Road. Another source describes the graveyard as the Gadd Cemetery, located on the old Gadd Farm on a private road off Rt. 21, near Flat Top.

*James Gadd, son of William Warwick Gadd (abt. 1780/died 1870) and wife Dicie. “James Gadd was b. in Franklin county, Virginia, 1808, and d. June 29, 1888, and is buried in Reynolds cemetery two miles northwest of Cowen, West Virginia. He married Rhoda Thornton (dau. Sterling Thornton and wife Sally Mosley) in 1826, and the tradition is that the reason he did not move to Kentucky with his father and other members of the family (in March 1833) was that his wife would not agree to leave her people. He acquired lands in Franklin county and lived there until about 1840, when he sold his lands and moved to Wyoming county, now West Virginia, where he purchased lands and lived until about 1870 when he moved to Webster county. They had the following children, Andrew. P., Sanford, Wilson T., James Jr., Sarah A. and Harriet E.” (Gadd Genealogy, Page 6-7.)  

Photos: Andrew P. Gadd. (Courtesy of Lelia Fix)  William H. and father Andrew Powhatan Gadd Originally the woman in the photo was identified as William's sister Electra. But new information indicates it is his wife Lourinda. (Photo courtesy of Randall Reno) Newsclips: Gadd honored at Civil War dedication ceremony - 20 July 1999, The Raleigh Explorer. (Courtesy of Carla.) Bug Dust columns by Cordie Nugen: Part 1, Flat Top Civil War Activities Reviewed, Raleigh Register, Beckley, W.Va., 02 May 1961, Page 4. Part 2, Gravestone Marks Battle of Flat Top, Raleigh Register, 03 May 1961, Page 4.

Andrew was a Confederate soldier. The West Virginia Civil War Almanac, Vol. 1, (1998) by Tim McKinney, Page 245, has Pvt. Andrew P. Gadd, 23 VAI (Virginia Infantry) CSA, served 9/62 to 4/65. “Flat Top Civil War Activities Reviewed,” a 1961 Bug Dust column by Cordie Cole Nugen, Raleigh Register, Beckley, W.Va., (see link above) contains information about Andrew’s company. Second lieutenant Andrew P. Gadd is listed as part of Company F, 151st Virginia militia, also known as Foley’s Fighters and Foley’s Copperheads for their leader, Capt. Richard B. Foley, who lived near Camp Creek and began organizing the company in July 1861. The article states that the records of the Confederacy at Richmond, Va., have this company being officially organized in Mercer County on 22 Aug 1861. 

"He (Andrew) served in the Confederate Army, and was Second Lieutenant in Co. F., 151 Virginia Militia (Vol. 20, P. 265, Confederate records, Richmond). He was in the battle of Cedar Creek, New Market, Fredericksburg and other battles. His brother, Sanford Gadd, was killed in the battle of New Market." (Gadd Genealogy, Page 10.)

According to Civil War reference “look ups” shared by an online genealogist, Andrew and his brother Sanford P. Gadd fought at the Battle of New Market in Virginia and Sanford was killed on 15 May 1864. S.P. Gadd: New Market memorial   (Courtesy of John Gadd and Rhonda Shoemaker.) Andrew was captured at Winchester, Va., on 19 Sept 1864 and sent to Point Lookout, Md. (Point Lookout POW Descendants Organization ) Andrew was exchanged on 15 March 1865, “for Isaac French McKinney of the 22nd VA.” The 1890 Veterans Schedule for Jumping Branch, Summers County, W.Va., Line 40, says Andrew was in prison for five months.

There is an account of the brothers' experience in Gadd Genealogy: 
“Sanford Gadd and his brother Andrew P. were together in the battle of New Market, and in previous battles, and Andrew P. Gadd in relating his war experiences always referred to New Market with pathos in his voice.  He related how he and his brother Sanford, on the night before the battle, were discussing the beauty of the country and the spring time, and were wondering if their wives had planted their corn, and how they were getting along, and then Sanford said, ‘Andrew, I  have a premonition that one of us will be killed tomorrow, and I don't know which one, but this is our last night together, one of us will go tomorrow,’ and when the battle was over, it was Sanford that had made the supreme sacrifice.” (Gadd Genealogy, Page 10.)

Andrew Powhatan Gadd - Civil War - Parole of Honor. (Courtesy of Cousin Tom) This oath was signed on 27 June 1865, in Charleston, W.Va. Andrew promised to "hereby give this my Parole of Honor, that I will not take up arms against the United States Government, until I am regularly exchanged; and that if I am permitted to remain at my home, I will conduct myself as a good and peaceable citizen, and will respect the laws in force where I reside, and will do nothing to the detriment of, or in opposition to, the U.S. Government." The document includes a description: Age 37; Height, 5 ft. 9; Complexion, fair; Eyes, blue; Hair, dark; and Whiskers, sandy.  

Children of  Delilah and Andrew
ELECTRA ADELINE GADD, born 11 Nov 1851, in Wyoming, Va.; died 20 May 1925. Married Adam Miller Harvey (Adam's tombstone Electra's tombstone Thanks to John Gadd and Rhonda Shoemaker)Electra's death certificate. (Certificate courtesy Green/Greene/Lilly/ Cooper/Harvey/Cook Family Tree - GGLCHC). WV Project marriage record. Harvey family photo (Thank you, Ruby) Children were: 
1. James Henry Harvey, born 15 Jan 1872. Wyoming County, W.Va., and died 15 Nov 1955 at Cool Ridge, W.Va. He was a retired teacher. Burial was in the Calfee Cemetery at Mt. Tabor, Raleigh County, W.Va. Find a GraveObituary  James married Brook Clark, born 04 Dec 1873 at Camp Creek, W.Va., and died 01 May 1954, Raleigh County. Death record of Mrs. Harvey.  Clark-Harvey marriage record
2. Virginia Emma Texas Harvey, born 13 May 1873, Mercer County, W.Va. (West Virginia, Births Index, 1853-1969. FHL Film Number: 804467). Married William Green Meador, born about 1860, son of Woodson and Amanda, in 1886, Mercer County. Marriage record
3. Clowney Lee Harvey. (See article in Shoebox about a 95-year-old woman who walked in the rain to vote for Clowney Harvey.) He was born 06 Jun 1875 (World War I draft card). Clowney died 05 Jan 1957. Death record. Clowney married Leona Alvatine Walker in 1893 in Raleigh County, W.Va. Marriage record linkMarriage certificate.
4. Lewis Wetzel Harvey, born 27 Feb 1877, Flat Top, Mercer County, W.Va., died 11 Feb 1961, Mercer County, W.Va. He was a retired store merchant. Death certificateDeath record link. He married Mary Ann Lilly in 1895 in Mercer County. Marriage record link
5. Alonzo Everett Harvey, born 02 Nov 1879 in Mercer County. (West Virginia, Births Index, 1853-1969) He married Mary Elizabeth Meadows in 1919 in Raleigh County. Marriage record link. He died 25 Jan 1953 in Raleigh County, W.Va. Death record linkDeath certificatePhoto, photo 2obit
6. Brady Britton HarveyObituary. (Son Lewis D. obit.)
7. Willa "Willie" M. Harvey, daughter born 02 Feb 1891 in Mercer County. Birth record link. Willa taught at Table Rock School. She married Pascal MeadowsMarriage record link
Harvey social item

POWELL WADE GADD, born 15 Sept 1853, in W.Va./died 26 July 1924 in W.Va. Married Emma Melissa Martin. For more information on the Powell Gadd family, go to Gadd Page 2.

WILLIAM HARRISON GADD, born 17 Feb 1855/ died 10 Oct 1926. (Source: Cousin Randall). WV Project birth record. Married Lourinda Ellen Wood (1857 North Carolina/1898 Dewey, Mercer County, W.Va.) and Clara Catherine Akers (1860-1962). For more information about the W.H. Gadd family, go to Gadd Page 3.

JOSEPH B. GADD, born 5 July 1857, Flat Top, W.Va./died 20 April 1953. Matoaka,  W.Va. (WV Project birth record - looks like 1857 in original record, index wrong?,  obituarydeath certificate) He married Emma Howell (death certificate), daughter of John D. Howell and Leatha Massie, on 11 March 1879. WV Project marriage record.Note: Elizabeth's, Mary Ann's and Joseph B.'s marriages are recorded on the same document containing 1879-80 weddings. Emma and Joseph Gadd's tombstone (Courtesy John and Rhonda.) 

SARAH MILLICENT (MILLIE) GADD, born 24 July 1858, Flat Top, W.Va./died 25 Dec 1949, in Ghent, W.Va. Husband, John Cooper. There is a list of 16 Cooper children on his Find a Grave page. One of their daughters, Hallie Nora Cooper Canaday, wife of Winton, is the subject of a section of A History of Shady Spring District, 1979, Pages 259-260.  (See book index on the Resources page.)  Two of Mrs. Canaday's siblings Dora Green (Allie Dora Cooper Greene) of Flat Top, W.Va., and Azel Cooper of Ghent, W.Va., are mentioned in the history. There are photos of Millicent and John, Azel, and Winton Canaday. E-mail me if you don't have access to the book.   Sarah: WV Project birth recordmarriage record, death certificate. Photo: Sarah and JohnPhoto: Sarah Millicent GaddObit: son John J. Cooper. Sarah's death certificateNewsclip - Five generations meet at Ghent  (Photos and newclip, courtesy GGLCHC)

ELIZABETH RHODA GADD, born about 1862. Rhoda, 17, married Barnett Jefferson Snead, 19,  (or Sneed?) 27 Nov 1879, Mercer County, W.Va.  WV Project marriage recordMarriage certificate. In 1904, Rhoda E. Sneed, 42, a widow, married Lynch Graham, 48, a widower, in Mercer County. Marriage record. Mr. Graham, 18, had married Nancy M. Howell, 18, in 1875 in Mercer. Marriage record.  Lynch Graham: Find a Grave. Children: 
1. Roxanna A. Sneed 18 July 1881, Raleigh County, W.Va., birth record. Married William A. Neely.
2. Dolcy Evelyn Sneed born 3 April 1882. Married Abraham (Abram) H. Hylton in 1904, Mercer County. Marriage record. Dolcy died 09 Nov 1959. Death certificate.
3. Malissa J. Sneed born 22 Oct 1884. Married Rufus Clark in 1903, Mercer County. Marriage record.
4. Clara Edna Sneed born 04 Dec 1886. Married Samuel D. Harvey in 1906, Mercer County. Marriage record. The Rev. Samuel D. Harvey, preacher and farmer, was born 27 June 1882, Flat Top, Mercer, and died 05 May 1947 Dawson, Greenbrier County, W.Va. Death certificateDeath record.
5. John Quincy Sneed born 23 Nov 1889/died at 16 on 3 Aug 1906 at Flat Top, Mercer, from an accidental gunshot wound. Death record.
6. Bessie Pearl Sneed born 16 April 1893. Married Levi H. Shrewsberry in 1909, Mercer County. Marriage record.
7. Mary Alice Sneed, 02 Oct 1895, Raleigh County, birth recordElmot Cunningham, 13 Aug 1896/06 Oct 1962 in Mercer County. Death Record.  Mary and Elmot married in 1915, Mercer County. Marriage record

MARY ANN (MOLLIE) GADD, born 09 Mar 1860/died 22 Sep 1934. Find a Grave: Mary A. Sneed. Mary Ann, 20, Married Charles W. Sneed, 20, on 26 Feb 1880, Mercer County. Find a Grave: Charles W. SneedMary Ann's WV Project birth recordDeath recordMarriage record Children: found records for: 
1. Vida B. Sneed, 17, married Charles Rumberg, 25, widower, 1902, Mercer County. Marriage record. Vida, born 16 Aug 1886, died 04 July 1930. Death record
2. Jocie M. Sneed, 17, born in Raleigh Co.,  married Henry F. Ferguson, 23, born in Mercer Co., in 1901, marriage record.  
3. Ira Sneed, (name from other source, William Sneed) born 15 Aug 1881 in Raleigh County, W.Va., birth record
4. A. Snead, (name from other source, Oda Sneed) male, 22 Jan 1888, Raleigh County, birth record
5. R.A. Sneed, female, (name from other source, Rosa A. Sneed) 02 Aug 1890, Mercer County, birth record
6. Lina Sneed, (name from other source, Grace M. Sneed) 25 June 1894, Mercer County, birth record. 7. Minnie Sneed (listed on, no other information available).  

(Thanks to Randall for new information about Mary Ann and Elizabeth Rhoda and their families.)

VICTORIA M. GADD, born 22 Feb 1870 (death certificate date) in Flat Top, W.Va./died 24 Oct 1936, in Raleigh County, W.Va.  Married Albert Pendleton Bonham, widowed, son of Nehemiah and Regina Bonham, on  27 Jan 1892. Victoria's birth record - 28 Oct/no yearBonham-Gadd marriage recordSociety note about Victoria's funeral. Victoria's death certificate. A.P. Bonham's first wife was Amanda Jane Shumate, daughter of Wilson and Eliza Shumate. Albert and Amanda married in 1868. Bonham-Shumate marriage record. Amanda Bonham died 24 Oct 1888 in Summers County (West Virginia, Deaths Index, 1853-1973. FHL Film Number: 589344)

JOHN Q. A. GADD, born 27 Oct 1867.  WV Project birth record.  (Gadd Genealogy, Page 11, says John "died when he was 16 years old."). John died 30 Mar 1884 in Mercer County, W.Va., from a fever. Death record.

ANDREW JACKSON (JACK) GADD, born 1868. Married Mary Ann Waddle, 28 July 1885. Courtesy: GGLCHC. A niece said that he was a preacher and was called "Jack." According to information on, he died in 1908. News brief, The Raleigh Herald, 23 July 1908, Page 1: Former Raleigh Man Dying.  WV Project birth record.  Children -- Gadd Genealogy lists: 
1. Lundy John Gadd, 27 Jan 1891, W.Va./30 July 1967, Charleston, W.Va.  ObituaryObit 2death certificate). Birth record: J.L. Gadd, 1891 
2. Edward Howard Gadd
3. Pearlie (Phil) H. Gadd
4. Earl William GaddObituary
5. Bennie Gadd. "the latter having married Frank Raines and lives at Buffalo, W.Va." Her 1965 obituary has her name as Binnie P. RaynesB. P. Gadd, 1889  B.P. is a male, according to the record. But I am guessing that is Binnie. Frank Raynes - Find a Grave with photoBinnie Pine Gadd Raynes - Find a Grave with photo

ELIZA JANE GADD, born 09 April 1871) and died 09 Oct 1958 in Raleigh County, W.Va. Death certificate. Married C.C. "Lum" Farley (widower) 20 Sept 1899. Eliza and Lum's 1899 marriage record His first wife was Etta Akers, daughter of John and Virginia. Etta and Lum's 1894 marriage record. Mr. Farley was a brother to J.Q. Farley who married Eliza Jane's niece Eliza Ann Gadd (Mary Jane Ellison Farley and sons) daughter of William Harrison Gadd. (See Eliza Ann Gadd Farley Gadd Page 3.)   

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